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Where there is no vision, the people perish.

Whether the topic is relationships, leadership, presence or personal power, Nancy Jonker delivers practical, evidence-based strategies grounded in years of experience and research. Each talk, tailored to the specific audience, ensures listeners come away with a new vision of extraordinary possibility and are inspired to action through fun, yet transformational experiences.

“Learn to manage the tension between your vision and current reality, taking inspired action rather than diminishing your goals.”  ~ Nancy Jonker

Speaking Topics

The Power of Presence: Embodying an Invincible Mindset

We all know when someone with presence walks into the room or takes the stage. When you have presence, you have an ability to fill the space, to show up completely, to be fully available to yourself and to allow Infinite Intelligence to flow through you in the service of others.

While many recognize the importance of presence, most people don’t know how to develop it in themselves. In this dynamic and interactive talk, Nancy teaches fundamental physical aspects of presence and takes the audience through effective exercises to increase their presence factor.

Dismantling the Imposter Phenomenona: Stop Feeling Like a Fraud and Develop Unshakable Confidence Instead

It’s essential that men and women address this crippling phenomenon of feeling like a fraud. Yet, a quick Google search reveals that most proffered strategies are aimed at managing this fear rather than dismantling it. In this talk, Nancy gets to the root of the phenomenon so people can lay this worry to rest, reclaim their joy, and function to their fullest potential.

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About Nancy Jonker 

When dealing with persistent business problems, people are often the problem and always the solution. Dr. Nancy Jonker works with high-performing leaders using her Adaptive Leadership Framework to increase their understanding of people, engage the right kind of conflict, and capitalize on people’s motivation to achieve personal, team, and company goals. With techniques grounded in neuroscience and psychology, Nancy helps leaders level-up their communication skills to initiate difficult yet necessary conversations and teaches short- and long-term leadership strategies for immediate gains and lasting impact. 

 Nancy speaks about personal power, executive presence, and inspired leadership and has been featured on WZZM, WGVU, as well as at local, national and international conferences.

 When not serving business owners, Nancy is often relaxing in the company of friends and family either in Michigan, Colorado, or Washington. She loves to hike in local parks, read and absorb the work of thought leaders and doers through watching TED talks.

Nancy offers Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, Workshops and Retreats.

What Others Are Saying

Alicia Couri


Dr. Nancy Jonker is a dynamic speaker. She engages her audience through her keen wit and lively approach. She offers profound insights grounded in a thorough study of psychology and an astute understanding of people. You can count on her being well-prepared and well-received!

Dr. John Weiks

Licensed Psychologist, Certified Radix Practitioner

Don’t waste a minute of your time listening to Dr. Nancy Jonker speak! UNLESS you want to hear a speaker who will not only challenge you, she’ll inspire you AND motivate you to be even better! Nancy brings you a powerful message with such clarity and passion it will be impossible for you not want to take positive action!

Joel Weldon

Professional Speaker Hall of Fame and creator of the Ultimate Speaking System

We have had the honor of Nancy speaking at the Unstoppable Women’s Group a couple of times, and it has been amazing every time. Her topics always draw lots of people, and she keeps everyone engaged during the whole talk. Her years of experience and knowledge really come through to provide deep insights. Even though I am a personal development geek who listens to these kinds of presentations regularly, I personally always learn something new. I highly recommend her for your event.

National Social Media Author & Speaker, Co-facilitator of Unstoppable Women Meetup Group

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