When was the last time you challenged yourself to PRESS PAUSE?

Are you gifting yourself the space to pause, reflect, and renew?

Intentional interruption gives you permission to step back, reflect, and reset with new strategies of leadership, goal-setting, and execution.

Lolita Walker is the Change Champion. She is a life and executive coach committed to helping women understand that it is okay to stop, pause, and live guilt-free doing it.

In this episode, Lolita shares how she motivates diverse audiences to shift their mindsets to increased clarity, commitment, and accountability with renewed results.

What areas might be stopping you from being your best, most natural leader?

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Key Takeaways:

“I want you to feel ownership because that’s when you’re accountable. That’s when you’re going to drive results. That’s when you’re going to celebrate your wins.– Lolita Walker

“Complacency–we have no time to sit in that. We’re here for a limited time and we’re going to make the best of every single moment that we have.”– Lolita Walker

“Keep full speed ahead on what your goal is upfront. That is where we move distractions out of the way. That’s when we do our best work. That’s when we allow all of the blessings to be poured into us when we’re pausing.– Lolita Walker

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