How do you resolve cultural conflict and cultural barriers in an organization?

Different norms and value systems come into play when people from diverse cultural backgrounds interact leading to team misunderstandings. Oftentimes, what is happening is they’re blaming the other person across the table. What it looks like is they are working really hard under extreme stress, but they didn’t feel like anything’s getting done.

Nozomi Morgan is a leadership coach and the CEO of Michiki Morgan Worldwide. Her passion is to develop global leaders who are courageous, kind, and who want to do good in this world.

Her diverse international background — having lived in Asia, Europe, and North America — gives her a wealth of experience and knowledge as a trusted partner to organizations going through complex situations such as restructuring or mergers and acquisitions.

In this episode, Nozomi shares how to overcome the tension and frustration that can naturally arise from cultural differences especially with multinational teams within global corporations. She shares valuable actions to improve and enhance communication and cultivate trust.

What areas might be stopping you from being your best, most natural leader?

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Key Takeaways:

“When you have each person showing up powerfully then that leads the team showing up powerfully. Then it leads the organization going beyond their boundaries and showing up powerfully to the society, to their customers, to the ecosystem at their in.” Nozomi Morgan

“The most powerful answers are in the simplest of questions and the simplest actions. Think what you really want in your life and I truly invite you to not judge yourself.Nozomi Morgan

“Oftentimes, what is happening is they’re [multicultural teams] blaming the other person across the table. So what it looks like is you’re working really hard under extreme stress, but they didn’t feel like nothing’s getting done. They could never catch up, they could never accomplish anything they could never get along. So which then leads to feeling unmotivated, even though they want to. ” Nozomi Morgan

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