As a business owner and parent, we know the demands that both roles place on a person. The idea of maintaining any sort of “balance” seems laughable 99% of the time, especially when either of your babies is going through a transition or milestone.

Matthew Bivens is a Balance Lifestyle Coach, Podcaster and Papapreneur.

As a Balance Lifestyle Coach, he supports fathers with young kids to become the confident, powerful, balanced leaders that they truly desire to be (but don’t know how to become). He is passionate about awakening the King in every man, and believes that when fathers are supported, confident and purposeful, they can change the world in a truly empowering way.

In this episode, Matthew will deep dive into how he helps ‘papapreneurs’ to confidently live their life. And to step into their life and connect with purpose, to be balanced, so that they can show up as the powerful men and the powerful leaders that they truly want to be.

What areas might be stopping you from being your best, most natural leader?

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Key Takeaways:

“A lot of these entrepreneur fathers, they’re juggling a lot of different roles and with those roles comes a lot of weight. A lot of energetic weight that they just carry with them throughout the day. – Matthew Bivens

“Men believe that if they simply work harder, that they’re going to break through this feeling of being stuck or this feeling of not having all the answers.” – Matthew Bivens

Look at ‘ART’ forms, ART. What are your Actions–what habits do you have? What are your Relationships?– how are you feeling about different things?And Thoughts?– what are the thought processes that you’re going through? What internal conversations are you having? Are your thoughts coming from a space of abundance or coming from a space of scarcity? Are they coming from a space of possibility or from a space of fear?”– Matthew Bivens

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