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Business Partnership Survival Guide Cover

Discover how to get on the same page with your partner so you can tackle any decision or task because you’re confident you can find creative solutions together.

Boost your energy for life, express yourself with confidence, gain financial freedom, and strengthen healthy connections with others using proven strategies. 

“Get Your Power On!” Bonus Resources


Nancy Jonker

Writing these two books was a labor of love. It’s a privilege to be able to put my work into the world in a way that benefits those who read it. 

The Business Partnership Survival Guide is about using mindset, natural talents, self-awareness and conversation skills to create the life and business you want. Discover how to “Tiptoe” No More!

Get Your Power On! is chocked full of proven strategies you can start using right away to enjoy more personal power in your business, relationships, and finances. It’s a book for women that’s not just for women!

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