Hello everyone, welcome to Audacious Leaders Podcast! a podcast for leaders who want it all — a vibrant life, quality relationships, and a thriving business.

I’m Dr. Nancy Jonker, Ph.D. your host.

Each week Audacious Leaders Podcast brings you proven strategies from a wide range of experts so that you can

    • show up and lead authentically,
    • increase your profitability and impact,
    • communicate effectively,
    • …and enjoy health, satisfaction and fulfilling relationships.

The podcast’s goal is to do a “Deep Dive in Nine” – giving you quality insights in the time of a short commute or quick coffee break…

One of my favorite questions that Guests answer is,

What’s one Valuable FREE Action that someone can take to address … whatever it is we’re talking about’ — whether its fear of speaking in public, or knowing how to communicate effectively with difficult people. 

They’re giving us not just valuable insights but action steps we can take the very day we hear it.

My other favorite question, which comes right at the end of the interview is, What would you tell your younger self, knowing what you know today?

Friends, there are some gems in those answers – so be sure to stay tuned to the end so you can hear their nuggets of wisdom.

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