What’s holding you back from delegating?

One of the hardest things for us business owners is delegation. Because we think that we can do it all and that as if we are saving money by being our own one-man team. But in order to grow your business, you have to be able to let go of some things and delegate them to the trusted staff so you can focus on the income-generating part of the businessyour zone of genius. 

Thembi Bheka is the founder of Virtual Staff On Demand and helps entrepreneurs scale faster by working on nothing but their zone of genius. She is heavily involved in empowering women in Africa. As a result, she trains African women to work online as virtual assistants. Thembi also believes in helping women reignite their passion, gain more clarity and reconnect with their purpose.

What areas might be stopping you from being your best, most natural leader?

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Key Takeaways:

“I’ve lost a lot of money, just because I thought I was saving money by doing it on my own. There are some things that you can outsource. And it doesn’t have to be just tech.” – Thembi Bheka

“A lot of people have a big, important message they’re keeping to themselves because they’re just so scared of the tech, and so scared of what’s the next step. And if we can get rid of that problem- that technology problem and let people launch faster, share their message faster, this world will be a better place for sure.”  – Thembi Bheka

“There’s so many times I stopped and waited because I was scared. I just didn’t believe in myself and took some other people believing in me to realize that I had potential. And the message I wish I had told myself is – I’m enough. I don’t need anything else. I’m enough, and I should just go for it.” – Thembi Bheka

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