Most small businesses can’t survive for more than a week without the owner. 

You started your business because you have a passion for the service or product and you’re damn good at it. 
And then within a few short months, that passion started to fade and reality set in. 
All of the noisy “stuff” gets in the way…figuring out Quickbooks, putting out fires, trying to collect on past due invoices, answering the phone, managing employees, cleaning up their messes, organizing the office and the list goes on and on. 
None of it fun while you work more and make less than ever before.
BUT, it doesn’t have to be that way! 

Paul Maskill is a business coach and owner focused on helping ambitious business owners automate their business so they can leverage their business to build a life that they love.

Paul’s focus is on building businesses that can thrive without the owners so they can uncover the income and freedom they know is possible. 

What areas might be stopping you from being your best, most natural leader?

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Key Takeaways:

“We only got one shot at it so why waste it doing things we don’t want to do, that’s why I left my corporate job.”– Paul Maskill

“If you look at the definition of automation, or automate, it just means it happens automatically.” – Paul Maskill

“What is your ideal life look like? What kind of business do you need to build in order to achieve that? And then, it comes down to putting a plan in place to actually get there. Then you can evaluate every single activity that you do, and put it through those two things. Is this going to be closer or further away from where I really want to go?– Paul Maskill

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