Being a leader is no small feat. There are many layers to building a driving and successful company that produces results.

 Nada Lena is the founder and CEO of Rise Up For You, a company that fosters personal and professional growth amongst individuals and companies. She is an Executive Leadership and Career Confidence Coach, Post-Secondary Educator, and a TEDx Speaker.

In this episode, Nada shares how she helps  enhance company culture and people development through teaching soft skills aka human skills — the only way one can become the best version of themselves, whether it’s a company looking to produce better results and up-level their performance or an individual looking to build a life that they are proud of. 

What areas might be stopping you from being your best, most natural leader?

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Key Takeaways:

“We can gain a lot of information within a matter of seconds. But when it comes to our behavioral patterns and people skills, it takes time.– Nada Lena

“In order to become your best self, whether it’s for your family, or for your company, or for the community, you really have to start with yourself first.”– Nada Lena

Empathy is not limited to what you think empathy is. Empathy is about others, it’s not about you.– Nada Lena

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