Are you a woman who knows you want to:


Think on your feet


Hold your own in an argument


Move forward in confidence


Negotiate better pay for your work

This Five Module Training Course (on the easy-to-use Ruzuku Courses Platform) is designed as a five day jump start – one course per day – but the entire course is available once you sign up for the program. Bite-sized lessons within the self-paced modules include photos, videos, audio, and text to appeal to a wide variety of learning styles!

In this self-paced program you will learn:

Introduction and overview.
  • Meet Nancy in an Intro Video
  • Tips for Navigating This Course
  • Set Yourself Up for Success
  • 2 Minute Action Step
Shed your negative views about women and power.
  • Why You Might Not Strive to Be Powerful
  • Benefits of Having Personal Power
  • What Holds You Back?
  • Bonus: Embrace Your Powerful Side Tina Fey Style
Embrace your desire to be feminine and strong.
  • Images of Personal Power for Women
  • What’s Your Image for Feminine Power?
  • Key Elements of Personal Power
  • The Power of Responsibility
  • Bonus: What Should a Powerful Woman Look Like?
Establish your starting point and “Take Your Mark.”
  • Discover Where You Are
  • Give Yourself a Benchmark
  • Graph It Out for a Cool Visual
Set your vision for the life you truly want!
  • Create Your Vision
  • Celebrate Your Progress
  • Build on Your Momentum
  • Determine Your Next Steps

Jump Start Your Confidence Today!

Meet Nancy Jonker

Nancy Jonker, PhD is a psychologist and success strategist coach with over 25 years of experience helping women get beyond plateaus in their careers, expand their comfort zone, and have a bigger impact.

She is the founder of Integrative Healing Centre, LLC where she has offered individual, group, and couples therapy to help people resolve conflicts, reduce stress and anxiety, and stretch into their most expansive selves.

Author of the Amazon Best Selling Book: Get Your POWER On!: A Woman’s Guide to Becoming Confident and Effective in Business, Life and Relationships, Nancy Jonker has been featured on WZZM, WGVU, and at the Harvard Business Experts Forum to offer her perspectives on Women and Power. She has spoken at local, state-wide, national and international conferences.

No longer a “wanna be” powerful woman, Dr. Jonker spent years developing the kinds of personal power she writes and teaches about. Her personal journey taught her much about how ordinary women can embrace their imperfections and vulnerabilities, accept responsibility for their lives, and develop into their strongest, most capable selves.

Known for her broad-based, compassionate, yet efficient and fun approach, Nancy Jonker has helped hundreds and hundreds of women let go of limiting beliefs… develop their inner wisdom…and achieve lasting fulfillment.

Are you a woman who wants more in her life? More energy? More inward flow of money? More positive vibes in your relationship? More influence?

If you want more of any of these things, you’re in the right place!

When you’re able to regulate your emotions, your energy, your ability to say no to what you don’t want and yes to what you do want, you have personal power!

Being able to think on your feet, saying what you want to say in the moment, rather than figuring it out 20 minutes later is all a part of personal power.

And when you struggle with these things, you need to GROW your personal power.

That’s why you’ll want to take this course — a jump start into personal power and confidence!

The program’s divided into five modules with easy, bite-sized lessons full of video, text, audio and images making it easy to digest. It will accelerate you on your path to growing your power!

Not all women like the idea of being powerful, though. Power has gotten a bad rap — especially in terms of how power relates to women.

In this program you’re going to examine your own views of power — and see how with some shifts in perspective — it can really serve you and your goals for more energy, better relationships, more influence, and greater life satisfaction. 

You’re going to take your mark as you gauge where you’re at on seven different dimensions of power. You can even graph it out to get a cool visual of your current levels of power.

Then, with the guidance provided in this program, you’ll set your vision for the life you truly want!

Isn’t it time you develop your skills to be the powerful woman you were meant to be? To move beyond whatever beliefs hold you back? To be able to try new things and bounce back if they don’t work out as planned?

If this lights a spark in you, like it does for so many women, join us by signing up below!

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Get access to the course and go through as many of the modules as you like. If you are dissatisfied in any way, just contact me and ask me for your money back within 30 days of your purchase and you will get it. No hassles. You have NOTHING to lose.

~ Nancy Jonker, Course Creator of 5 Day Jump Start to Increase Confidence and Get your POWER On!