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With more than two decades of experience working with hundreds of individuals in business, Nancy helps small businesses, corporations, entrepreneurs and YOU to find clarity of purpose and increase confidence pursuing goals.

Dr Nancy Jonker

Nancy Jonker, PhD, is an experienced psychologist and coach. Her professional career, spanning twenty-eight years includes teaching, trainings and workshops, transformational retreats, small and large group facilitation, and speaking. She is the author of Get Your POWER On! Her long-standing interests are body/mind integration and empowerment for women.

PhD - Bowling Green State University

Licensed Psychologist - State of Michigan

Certification in Thai Bodywork

Certification in Radix® Bodywork

Certification in Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

Who I Work With

Small Business, Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs

With more than two decades of experience working with hundreds of individuals in business, I help small business owners and entrepreneurs find clarity of purpose and increase confidence to pursue their goals.
My clients:

create more effective teams

increase revenue and profit

improve energy and concentration

expand their impact

move forward with greater self-confidence, clarity & empowerment

Utilities, IT Firms, Telecommunications & Other Organizations

Helping engineers, data analysts, and IT experts create the environment that lets them flourish. Men and women learn to navigate water cooler conversations, interpersonal challenges, and work tasks so their work can flow productively. Individuals and teams develop there skills and confidence to be able to step into leadership positions.
My clients:

develop talent internally

retain valuable employees

increase leadership skills

improve job satisfaction and productivity

maintain or increase diversity in the workforce

improve communication within and between departments

Family Owned Businesses

Challenges within family owned businesses abound. My offerings help families navigate through conflict, sort out priorities, identify leadership styles, and improve communication.
My clients:

address and resolve inter-generational and/or intra-generational conflicts

hone leadership styles

develop influence based on innate talents

grapple with succession planning and decision making

How I Work With My Clients

Ways I Work With Clients


Workshops & Training

Private & Team Coaching

Executive & Team Retreats

Meeting Facilitation

Conflict Resolution

People Assessments

Process Facilitation


I have worked with Individuals, Experts, and Professionals from local and state-wide organizations spanning 12+ industries:
  • Telecommunications
  • Higher Education
  • Start-ups & Innovators
  • Logistics & Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Public Sector
  • Information Technology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate Agents
  • and more

Best Selling Author



“The book itself is an interesting and easy read–chock full of concepts that resonate with anyone who wants to improve their capacity to “own” their personal worth.”
Dr Susan Cain
author of Horse Sense for Leaders: Building Trust-Based Relationships and co-founder of The Corporate Learning Institute
“Power has been a dirty word for women for a long time. I love how this book reclaims what personal power is all about, and then tells women what it takes to get it in their life.”
Rivka Kawano Author Speaker
Rivka Kawano
National Social Media Speaker and Author
“Of all the work I have done on myself, I had never looked at boundaries the way Ms. Jonker described it. Something became very clear to me. … It’s liberating to not have to operate like that anymore. I’ve never had the experience of reading a book, seeing something new, knowing what to do, doing it and have a real change happen”
Mary Sheehan, RPh
founder of Prescriptions for Happiness
“For any woman wanting to grow into her personal power, this book is a must. [Get Your Power On! has] practical, realistic, grounded and compassionate advice [for] all areas of life.This is the kind of book any young woman needs and will be helpful for those older as well. Highly recommended.”
Jeanette Martin Author Speaker
Jeanette Martin

author of Write Your Book at Fifty: A Call to Women “ Discover Your Voice. Open New Doors. Create Your Legacy.

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